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We critique Your Songs

Bring Valuable Mix/Demo Feedback

Get Exposure 

Get Advice

Show you How, Why and What

Learn The Industry Jargon 

Learn The Language Of Music

Learn Principles of Good Audio

Learn The Tools of the Trade

  • MEEQ Squad Live Q&A Sessions

  • Safe place for judgement free feedback in a collaborative environment

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    Technical Advice From Music Professionals

    Hair loss is real - quit pulling it out!

    No need to stress! 

    You could easily find all the answers for free on Youtube, but how do you know what to search for?
    How do you know that it will even work?

    We can show you principles of recording and mixing that apply no matter what software you are using.  

    We can help you understand what to look for, making you better equipped to find your own way. 

    Learn the industry jargon and tools of music production with us, Join us to talk music, and Join Us for The VIP Extended Session.

    Meet the Team 

    We are an experienced team of producers and engineers with over 50 years combined experience.

    We're excited to learn more about your background and how we can help maximize your project to be the best it can be.

    Our Calls are hosted on zoom and broadcast Live to Subscribers.

    Each person brings their unique background and perspective into maximizing your project.

    Here's what our artists have to say

    Virtually all of our artists get massive results.

    '' His creative approach is raw and un-orthodox, yet refreshingly simplistic. Seth is a pure artist and has an incredibly-open, objective ear. He is open to all types of music, which gives him a deep gene-pool to draw from.''

    (Seth Jeremy) Producer - Darryl Swann-

    Grammy Winning Producer- Macy Gray

    '' I listened like 20 + times and I honestly don't have any notes. I love what you're doing and am so happy to be working with you. Looking forward to making an awesome album ''

    (Seth Jeremy) Craig Eckhardt- Jazz Artist

    ''Super professional. A-Class are incredible producers, who really took the time to listen to what I was looking for - and made a whole vibe! A-Class do incredible work, really really easy to book with them. Sessions are always amazing. ''

    (A-Class) Sarah Keith - Artist

    ''The company is exactly what the name implies, A-Class. Working with them is crazy. Literally I can tell T. Jordan I'm looking for any kind of production and within minutes, the idea is made. From the first session we ever had he made me feel super comfortable being creative, and he has always been extremely professional.''

    (A-Class) Rotey - Artist

    "Cody is part of the Silent Wave, he has a unique ability that has helped me (complete novice here) understand music as a vessel, he has helped me understand it as a "language" of the creative matrix and helped me (who never thought I would ever "be musical") discover that I absolutely have a song(s) in me!"

    (Gene Media) - Dani Elle - Artist

    '' Amazing service. He took care of me and my artists. He delivered exactly what I asked for and then some. ''

    (Hurltech Audio) Johnny Capers, Jr- Jazz Artist

    ''Thorough, accomodating, quality!
    * * * * *

    (A-Class) Virgil Thomas - Artist

    "He helped to get my single launched and promote my career off the ground."

    (Hurltech Audio) Yaminah - Artist

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  • listen in and ask questions

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